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Volunteering at Worship

As noted earlier, the church is a primarily volunteer organization, and that includes our worship services.  Our pastors lead worship and preach, but there are several other places where we encourage volunteers to get involved.  Below, you will see several of those places, and if you sense a desire to help out, we would love to get you involved.



Part of Sunday morning worship includes hearing God's Word read from the Bible.  And we are blessed by many talented people who have the ability to publicly read in an engaging fashion.  Do you have such an ability?  Oh, and you don't have to be professionally trained. We'll help you along.  We've even been known to have a tyke or two who need a step stool to reach the microphone get up and say a word or two.  If they can read, you can too!

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Altar Guild

If you are a behind the scenes sort of person who likes to help in the preparation and clean up of events, the Altar Guild just might be the perfect fit for you.  Guild members prepare the Altar area for worship and help care for things afterward.  In the Lutheran tradition, this is a very holy and reverent act as much of the work centers on the Christian practice of Holy Communion.  There is something very special about this ministry.  



Remember walking into your favorite restaurant and being greeted by a friendly face and warm smile?  Remember how that made you feel?  Would you like to be that person welcoming someone to church?  That's what our Greeters and Ushers do.  Offering a friendly welcome by opening a door, handing out a bulletin, and helping you find the location of worship, restrooms, Sunday School classes, and more, our ushers and greeters are the first line of personal welcome as you come to our facility on Sunday morning.

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Worship Leaders

This one is a little more involved and requires a bit of creativity.  In our Praise and Worship service, worship leaders actually lead parts of worship: praying, leading responsive readings, and even teaching children a part of the Bible in a "Children's Sermon."  

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